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The PAMAS SBSS Liquid Particle Counting System's accuracy, reliability and repeatability of results mean it is fast becoming the standard reference quality laboratory bottle sampler. It can be calibrated fully in accordance with the ISO 11171 calibration standard, due in part to its use of volumetric cell sampling and its finely tuned flow controls. It delivers results according to SAE AS4059E, NAS 1638, ISO 4406, CHARN, as well as having the ability to display results according to customised test parameters.

The menu-driven navigation system on the SBSS is very straightforward, enabling swift training for new users. Various parameters may be pre-set for different types of fluid, so that the counter's pump/compressor unit can supply pressure and vacuum in order to degas and suppress bubbles in aerated fluids. Once test parameters are set, it really is a case of pressing the button and receiving the results a few minutes later. The SBSS can be used as a standalone instrument or in conjunction with PAMAS's PMA software, for full control through a PC or laptop. PMA software provides the user with remote control of the counter, enables results to be downloaded, dilution factors to be applied in the case of over-concentrated fluids and for professional report documents to be generated and stored in readable format, including classification of the particle number and size (within your chosen sensor's size range). Alternatively, in conjunction with PAMAS's USP software, the SBSS is ideal for the testing of pharmaceutical parenteral liquids, since it can deal with a large range of viscosities and is also available as a small volume system.

The SBSS liquid particle counting system can be used to test both mineral oil-based and water-based fluids, although a strict flushing procedure must be followed in order to eliminate the chance of cross-contamination.

Typical fluid applications include:
Hydraulic oils
Insulation, turbine, gear and motor oils
Organic fluids, solvents and other water-based fluids
Water-based hydraulic fluids
Fluids with high vapour pressure

Specialist applications (please contact us - particular materials may be required for various components within the flow path of your SBSS) can also include:
Corrosive fluids such as Skydrol and Scale Inhibiting Chemicals
Waste Fluids
Standard SBSS has up to 16 freely adjustable particle size channels (extra module allows up to 32 channels) meaning a wide range of different particle sizes can be tested.
Reports according to all commonly used standards in the industry, including ISO 4406:1999, SAE AS 4059E, ISO 4406:1987, NAS 1638 and CHARN, as well as USP for pharmaceutical applications. In addition, customized standards can be created very easily, according to your needs.
Volumetric cell design of PAMAS sensors guarantees highest accuracy and resolution: 1μm sensitivity according to ISO 4402, 1.5μm(c) sensitivity according to ISO 11171, 0.5μm sensitivity according to ANSI/NFPA/ISO.
Analysis volume: 1 ml up to 1,000 ml Wide range of analysis volume allows for a wide variety of testing procedures.
Pneumatic sampling with pressure up to 5 bar (or as an option up to 10 bar) mean that liquids with a high cSt rating/viscosity can be tested.
When using PMA software, particle number and size measurement data sets are automatically stored in readable format. PMA software is able to include the dilution of liquids. When used with PMA software, information is available for ease of use in a common sense, graphic display.
Power supply via alternating current: 100 V, 115 V, 220 V, 230 V, 5060Hz.
The SBSS is available with PeliCase containers enabling greater logistic flexibility.

A full brochure including detailed specifications for the PAMAS SBSS can be downloaded here:

Downloadable brochure for the PAMAS SBSS

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