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The PAMAS S40 is a portable particle counting system for oil-based liquids such as hydraulic oil, gearbox oil, motor oil, lubrication oil etc. This 8 channel high resolution digital system offers laboratory accuracy and repeatability combined with real portability. The volumetric cell design of PAMAS sensors guarantees the highest accuracy, resolution and best statistical information. Results are returned according to ISO 4406, SAE AS 4059 E, NAS 1638, GJB 420A and GOST 17216. The display and printout provide triple ISO codes, NAS and SAE cleanliness classes, measurement volumes, and particle numbers (according to ISO 4406:1999; 4 μm(c), 6 μm(c), 14 μm(c) based on ISO 11171 and to ISO 4406:1987; 2 μm, 5 μm, 15 μm based on ISO 4402).

The pressurised sensor avoids the formation of gas bubbles in the sample during testing, however for very aerated fluids the PAMAS SBSS is the suitable choice. Due to the integral pump, pressureless sampling can be performed as well as sampling from online systems up to 420 bar (6000 psi). The S40 can sample fluid Viscosities offline up to 200 cSt and for pressurized sampling up to 350 cSt. The required power supply is wide ranging; 90-230 VAC at 50-60 Hz / 12-30 VDC or using the integrated battery for up to three hours operation. Fluid connections on the S40 are Minimess M16x2 and standard connectors (DIN ISO 2353), or user-specified if alternatives are required.

The PAMAS S40 is very user friendly with touch screen and graphic display. Individual user profiles may be stored, allowing your own custom testing criteria to be implemented. Functionality of key programs within the easily navigable menu system are password protected for different user levels. Over 4,000 measurement data sets may be stored and easily downloaded to a PC via a USB port, utilizing easy-to-use download software.

Meets DEFSTAN 91-91 as IP 577

Different models of PAMAS S40 are available. All models can be optionally equipped with an alarm feature and built in the rugged case PAMAS GO for harsh environments. The different S40 particle counter models are compatible to most sample liquids. Please see sensor option details within brochures.

PAMAS S40 Standard: for high and low pressure hydraulics (viscosity range up to 350 cSt)

PAMAS S40 Lube oil: Compatible with oil based liquids of higher viscosities up to 1,000 cSt such as hydraulic oil, gearbox oil, motor oil, lubrication oil, etc.

PAMAS S40 Fuel: compatible with low viscous liquids like Diesel or kerosene

PAMAS S40 Skydrol: compatible with Phosphate-Ester based hydraulic liquids (e.g. aviation hydraulic fluids)

PAMAS S40AVTUR: for the analysis of Aviation Turbine Fuel according to EI-IP 577 and DEF-STAN 91-91 (see extra brochure for the PAMAS S40AVTUR for further details).

A full brochure including detailed specifications for the PAMAS S40 can be downloaded here:

Downloadable brochure for the PAMAS S40

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