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Light Blocking Isokinetic Probes

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For applications where sampling is to be done without any tubing, Climet offers a probe that fits directly onto the inlet called a light blocking isokinetic probe.  This probe fits directly on to the inlet of Climet counters and is made of hard black anodized aluminium.

What is light blocking and why is it important?
If a particle counter is placed under a light fixture, light can shine directly into the sensor cavity. Modern fluorescent light ballasts turn the light off and on in a frequency range that corresponds to the width of the pulse generated when a particle passes through the laser beam. Light shining into the sensor therefore simulates a high concentration of particles passing through the sensor, causing a high rate of false counts.

Because the pulse width matches the duty cycle of the light, the false pulses cannot be filtered out electronically. The only recourse is to block the light, but most methods act as impactors; an impactor is an object that traps a particle when it is hit by a particle.

Climet has designed an aerodynamic light blocking element that causes the particles to flow around the blocking element, and redirects the particles back into the inlet with no appreciable loss of 5 μm particles. This element is mounted inside the light blocker isokinetic probes, solving the problem of false counts when the instrument is placed directly under a fluorescent light, and, as an isokinetic probe, it helps entrain large particles that should be included in the sample.

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