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Concept Air Trace S

Concept's smallest smoke machine is the Air Trace S. It is perfect for air visualisation with a small volume of smoke and requires no mains power for operation in situ, running from a 12v DC battery.

This new design is light, practical and modern. It also incorporates a new double aspect sight glass. The Air Trace S has been developed in stainless steel to cater for Clean Rooms & controlled environments.

It is capable, if required, of producing a steady stream of smoke for up to 10 minutes from a fully charged battery, or you can use the Air Trace continuously if connected to a mains adapter. The fog produced is designed to disperse quickly.

The Air Trace S is supplied in its own robust carry case with 0.5 litres of smoke chemical (250 minutes worth of smoke!), a battery and a battery charger. It is an ideal tool for those looking to highlight airflow and LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) issues that smoke is uniquely capable of revealing.

Size: 23 x 7 x 8cm
Weight: 2.7kg
Power Consumption: 75W
Output: 100 cubic feet / min
Tank Capacity: 110cc
Consumption: 2cc/min

Optional extras include:

Dummy battery/adaptor - for mains use

Radio Remote Control (FM 433MHz EU / 315MHz US)

Additional Air Trace Smoke Fluid (500ml)

Ni - MH Spare Battery / giving a flatter discharge voltage profile, faster charging & short circuit protection (typically these can be recycled 500+ times)

A full brochure including detailed specifications for the Concept Air Trace S can be downloaded here:

Downloadable brochure for the Concept Air Trace

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