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Sistema Airflow Mapper AFM35 NEO

Sistema's AFM-NEO GEN.2019 Cleanroom Fogger series makes use of the specially designed High Performance Piezoelectric modules to generate up to 1.25 m3 of pure white fog per minute (fog density of 187 ml/min) to provide 7 to 10 m of visible air flow brought into field by one (standard), two or even three 80mm hoses for small to large scale 'smoke' studies and air flow characterization in clean rooms, sterile rooms, medical surgery rooms, ISO Suites, etc. The AFM-NEO GEN.2019 Cleanroom Foggers' fog volume performance is above that of LN2 foggers yet the AFM-NEO GEN.2019 cleanroom foggers do that using one single media... DI water or WFI water.

Key features: Adjustable fog volume, cycle time with one tank filling of min. 45 minutes at maximum fog volume or up to 90 minutes at lower fog volumes (only 30 seconds for tank refilling) and optional wireless remote control make it an ideal instrument for any applications in air flow tracking.

Typical Applications: Airflow recovery tests guided by ISO 14644-3 Annex B12, Airflow visualization tests guided by ISO 14644-3 Annex B7, USP 797 in-situ airflow analysis, USP 800 compound pharmacy airflow tests, Airflow requirements using semiconductor clean room guidelines, Federal Standard (FEDSTAN) 209E, Containment transport studies on process tools, Optimization of equipment locations, Tracking routes of air infiltration into clean rooms, Pressure balancing (rooms and spaces) and operator training.

Casing and tank in electropolished stainless steel
Dimensions of (L x H x W) 571 x 293 x 325 mm
Net weight of 20 KGs
Tank capacity of 10 L
Max. cycle time of 80 min of which 50 min are with pure white fog
Ultrasonic module of 35 piezoelectric ceramic discs
0 - 100% adjustment of fog intensity and density
Micro fan, 24v, IP 68
Fog outlet of 80 mm
Dotmatrix display for indication of operating state and all operating functions
Electronical water fill level survey via 3 capacitive sensors
Temperature survey function
Elapsed time meter
Redundancy function enabling the system functionality either with 3, 2, or 1 ultrasonic blocs in case of single bloc failure
Soft start electronic
Self monitoring functionality

Standard Accessories include:
Flexible tube (L x ) of 3,000 x 80 mm plus fittings, power cable, 2 year Limited Warranty, CE-Compliance Certificate & User Manual

A full brochure including detailed specifications for the Sistema AFM35-NEO can be downloaded here:

Downloadable brochure for the Sistema AFM35-NEO

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