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Air Particle Counter Accessories

28.3/50 LPM Cleandown Filter28.3/50 LPM Cleandown Filter.
75/100 LPM Cleandown Filter75/100 LPM Cleandown Filter.
Carry CaseCarry case for use with CLiMET '54', '53', '52X' and '50t' series of air particle counters. The case includes foam interior to prevent damage to particle counter and tray to store Mains Lead, Tubing, ISO Probe etc.
CLiMET CI-450 Battery10391 CLiMET CI-450 Battery.
CLiMET CI-x5x Battery10431 CLiMET CI-x5x Battery.
CLiMET DataPro 2.5 SoftwareFor collection of data from CLiMET Portable Particle Counters. Includes CLiMET ID Pro. Generates a variety of standard reports defined by industry standards, such as EU GMP Annex 1 and ISO 14644-1, as well as graphs for trend analysis. Complies with all applicable FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.
Excel Download Software for CLiMET Particle CountersDownload software for CLiMET Particle Counters available as Excel Macro for Windows in both standard (£175.00 ex VAT) and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant format (£650.00 ex VAT).
Gepe 60x60 One Anti-Newton Glass SlidesGepe 60x60 One Anti-Newton Glass Slides (3mm) with glasses. 2" 1/4 x 2" 1/4. Box of 20.
Isokinetic ProbesHigh quality, 316 stainless steel isokinetic probes, available in four flow rate sizes: 1.0 cfm (28.3 l/min), 50 l/min, 75 l/min and 100 l/min from £285.00, dependent upon flow rate. Designed so that a cross-section of air is drawn in with minimal turbulence, ensuring that a representative sample is obtained.
Light Blocking Isokinetic ProbesFor use only with CLiMET particle counters when sampling without tubing.  Available in flow rates of 1.0 cfm (28.3 l/min), 50 l/min, 75 l/min and 100 l/min.
MCE (Mixed Cellulose Ester) Membrane Mounts1,000 MCE (Mixed Cellulose Ester) Membrane Mounts for use with the FastPatch 2 Go microscope system. Available in 25mm, 0.8um and 47mm, 0.8um sizes.
MCE (Mixed Cellulose Ester) MembranesBox of 100 MCE (Mixed Cellulose Ester) Membranes for use with the FastPatch 2 Go microscope system. Available in 25mm, 0.8um and 47mm, 0.8um sizes.
Stainless Steel Stand for Isokinetic ProbesStainless steel stand for Isokinetic Probe, 316 Stainless Steel, 0.6 Ra finish. Recommended for EU GMP Grade A and B areas and ISO Class 3-6.
Thermal Printer Paper RollsAvailable for £82.00 in boxes of 20 rolls, with part number depending on your instrument type. 
Tripod for Isokinetic ProbesTripod for Isokinetic Probes, used to mount the isokinetic probes used with particle counters.  Suitable for testing in ISO Class 6-9 and EU GMP Grades C and D.  Available in two varieties: table top tripods and extendible floor tripods.
USB Memory Stick (4GB, 16GB)OptiCal Sciences USB Memory Stick (Available in 4GB and 16GB sizes) in a protective, magnetic case.

These USB Memory sticks have been validated for use with our CLiMET range of Particle Counters. They are very compact and are easy to wipe down/sterilize.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

We are currently certificated to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 by Intertek Group PLC, who are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). UKAS, as an accreditation body, work with other similar bodies around the world to ensure that the standard of auditing is uniform and adequate. Some certification bodies do not have this accreditation and therefore the standard of their auditing has not been independently verified. For further details please see the web page linked here: http://www.ukas.com/about-accreditation/default.asp

Please click here to view a copy of our ISO 9001:2008 Certificate