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Berner Safety Systems
BERNER INTERNATIONAL GMBH has been involved in occupational and medicinal safety for pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications since 1982. Protective systems (such as safety cabinets, biosafety cabinets, waste sealing units and laboratory furniture) for the safe work with cytostatics and biological agents are their core competency.

In 2005, they established their microbiological inspection method in line with DIN 12980, EIN EN 12469 and NSF 49 in the research and testing laboratory. The research and development continues to focus in particular on the protective functions of the personal, product and entrainment protection on safety cabinets.

Research into fields such as 'Dynamic interference factors - Movement in the laboratory' (from 2010) are used to feed into their development and design, keeping them at the cutting edge of this vital technology.
CIMTechniques, Inc. were founded in 1992 and have been manufacturing on-line monitoring systems for critical applications since 1996. They have well over 300 cleanroom monitoring installations throughout the world at major pharmaceutical and semiconductor manufacturers. They are ISO-9001/2008 certified and have been since 2005. Their development processes conform to GAMP guidelines.

Their president and chief executive officer, Walker Petroff, has over 40 years of experience developing and manufacturing a wide variety of real-time on-line monitoring systems. CIMTechniques's CIMScan monitoring system is completely web-based, built around a standard SQL database, and is incredibly easy to configure, use, and maintain by people with average technical skills. The system is highly scalable from a few monitoring points to thousands located anywhere in the world. CIMScan can monitor virtually anything for which a sensor or instrument exists.

Companies using CIMScan include GE, Coherent, Pharmacia (Pfizer), Covance Laboratories, Catalent Pharmaceuticals, Northwestern Memorial Hospital Irvine Pharma Solutions, Northrop Grumman, 3M Pharmaceuticals, General Dynamics, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Genzyme, Bristol Myers, Enzon, Johnson & Johnson, Raytheon, Schering-Plough, US Army, Bausch & Lomb, E.I DuPont, RTI International, Cardinal Health, Hoffman-La Roche, Analog Devices, University of Chicago Hospital System, Aplicare, ALK Abello, Greenville (SC) hospital System, Sanofi Pasteur, Chi Mei Corp., Medarex, Villanova University and many others.
Clean Environments
CLEAN ENVIRONMENTS (Portable and Permanent Cleanroom solutions built on Moorfield technology, established 1989).

Clean environments has grown from its birth within Moorfield Associates, a progressive vacuum deposition systems company, founded to provide services in vacuum technology; primarily to the academic research market.

Moorfield Associates are known globally for their progressive systems and components within the fields of vacuum deposition, mass spectrometery and nano technology. A large proportion of Moorfield's products are used within a clean environment and their engineers are therefore both manufacturers and users of cleanrooms, giving their designs a practical edge over the competition.

Their products are designed, assembled and certified by their team of specialists in the North West of England.
CLiMET have led the contamination control and testing industry for many years now with a succession of high-performing airborne particle counters and particle counting systems. Having quizzed major pharmaceutical manufacturers for a wish list of ideal features, CLiMET redesigned their range to build on an established pedigree and provide instruments which truly excel. This close alliance with key users proved to be a turning point in CLiMET's success, allowing them to continue to stay ahead of the competition and to design the best air particle counters available in the marketplace today.
Concept Smoke Systems have been manufacturing high quality aerosol generators for over 50 years.  Their "Clean Room Solutions" range of thermal aerosol generators are used throughout the world by major blue chip pharmaceutical, nuclear and clean room specialists for their HEPA filter, ULPA filtration testing, air flow visualisation work and particle recovery tests. Over the years Concept have designed and manufactured many "specialised" projects; please let us know if you have any unique requirements.
Kanomax group is originated in Kano Laboratory, established by Goro Kano who was the founder of Kanomax Japan Inc incorporated back in 1951. For the past 50 years, Kanomax has been continuously growing through its engineering excellence in fluid, aerosol/particle, environmental and integrated system measurement technologies.

By the 1970s Kanomax became a leading manufacturer of anemometers and particle measuring instruments in Japan. Kanomax has recently launched its global operations to further provide the best measurement solutions available in the marketplace. They are proud of the quality and service of Kanomax products which have long been honed in the highly demanding Japanese market. Kanomax offers five major lines of products to the global customers:

•  Cleanroom Contamination Control Instrumentation - Particle counters, Facility Monitoring Systems etc.
•  Air Velocity Meters (Anemometers)
•  Indoor Air Quality Instrumentation - Dust Monitors, Sound Level Meters etc.
•  Fluid Mechanics Research Instrumentation - Laser Doppler Velocimeters, Flow Visualization Systems etc.
•  Integrated Systems - Supersonic Wind tunnels, Optical Disk Inspection Systems etc.
PAMAS GmbH, located near Stuttgart (Germany), is a worldwide company focused on high-quality particle measuring systems. Founded in 1992, PAMAS is perfectly positioned to deliver liquid particle counting solutions across a wide range of applications.

PAMAS's pool of experience and its ethos of quality in supporting its customers makes it an ideal partner for OptiCal Sciences. As they say, "every user of PAMAS equipment gets individual support for his special application." It is their endeavour to learn from their customers' needs that allows them to manufacture such high quality instruments.
Rigel Life Sciences
Established in 2008, RIGEL Life Sciences offers highly competitive solutions, whilst meeting and surpassing requirements of client engineering and GMP compliance teams within the Life Science Industries.

RIGEL Life Sciences has enabled OptiCal Sciences to offer excellent, economical and quality choice instrumentation for testing the integrity of HEPA filters.

RIGEL Life Sciences is an important member of the CTP System Network (the leading GMP consulting group in Italy and one of the principal firms within the European pharmaceutical, chemical and healthcare companies).

Wonderware provides Industrial IT Software Solutions to Industrial Facilities, System Integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers in the UK and Ireland. Wonderware software enables customers to understand their processes better, work more efficiently, and make intelligent business decisions, whilst driving continuous improvement and operational excellence. With a presence in 180 countries and over 125,000 sites worldwide, Wonderware is renowned for its easy of use, connectivity and flexibility.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

We are currently certificated to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 by Intertek Group PLC, who are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). UKAS, as an accreditation body, work with other similar bodies around the world to ensure that the standard of auditing is uniform and adequate. Some certification bodies do not have this accreditation and therefore the standard of their auditing has not been independently verified. For further details please see the web page linked here: http://www.ukas.com/about-accreditation/default.asp

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