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Wonderware Continuous Monitoring Software: Single User

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(Other Wonderware Continuous Monitoring Software: Multi-User)

For small process monitoring systems with single user access at any one time from the machine running the application.
Ideal for monitoring up to 50 field devices, depending on the data storage requirements.

Two variations offered:

The first option is InTouch with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition (Alarm Database) for a cost-cutting solution.
The second option enforces user adherence to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 more robustly, using InTouch, Wonderware Industrial SQL Server and Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

Single User System
using encrypted data files
Single User System
using Wonderware Industrial SQL Server

To enable process visualisation, InTouch HMI (Human Machine Interface) applications are customised to reflect the layout of your process environment. An overview screen is used to display a summary of your facility, with the ability to click on areas for a magnified view of the area using zoom screens. Field sensors are represented graphically in their relative location within your system and tabular values are displayed on zoom screens.

Using these easy to navigate graphical screens, operators can quickly identify the process in alarm using the individual alarm icons that change colour to reflect alarm conditions. Points in alarm can be identified and the relevant instrument easily located using the positioning of the alarm point within your facility layout, and operators can promptly follow your corrective action procedures.

A control screen is used to summarise the field sensor data, and access various areas of the software. The control screen acts as the central point from where all aspects of the system can be accessed and controlled.

To safeguard your data, the software utilises the built in security model of the Wonderware InTouch application. Operators are required to log onto to the system in order to acknowledge alarms or produce reports and trends. Different security levels are utilised to restrict operator access.

When the operator successfully logs in, they gain access to the various aspects of the system based on their security level. When there is inactivity (absence of mouse clicks or button bushes) an inactivity warning message is displayed. If the inactivity continues, the operator is automatically logged off.

To enable easy monitoring of alarms within your process system, an information panel is used throughout the system to highlight alarms and device communication faults. The information panel also displays other useful information such as the operator currently logged in and the time.

The software makes it easy for you to take control of your system, and be accountable for alarms that occur. All points in alarm will flash on the graphical display until it is acknowledged by an operator. All active alarms will be summarised in a table, allowing the operator to select an acknowledge alarms. The operator will need to provide their login credentials and a comment when acknowledging alarms allowing for an audit trail.

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