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Trident Series™ Particle Counter

Trident Series™ Particle Counter Climet Instruments Company, a Division of Venturedyne Ltd, the leading manufacturer of high quality cleanroom particle counters and microbial samplers, recently announced the introduction of a new Trident Series™ of remote sensor particle counters used for continuous monitoring in biopharmaceutical critical clean areas...
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Climet CI-500 Particle Counters

Climet CI-500 Particle Counters The lens manufacturer has ceased production of the lenses required to replace laser diodes in Climet CI-500 Particle Counters. We have since been informed that the stock of these lenses has now been depleted, and as such, they can no longer be obtained.

We are now unable to replace failing laser diodes in Climet CI-500-A, CI-500-B, CI-500-EC, CI-500-DD and CI-500-EX (Multiport) Particle Counters...

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NEW! RIGEL Aerosol Photometers & Generators

NEW! RIGEL Aerosol Photometers & Generators It is with great pleasure that OptiCal Sciences Limited proudly presents new RIGEL RI7001 Aerosol Photometers, RI8301 Thermal Aerosol Generators & RI8303 Laskin-Nozzle Aerosol Generators; available to purchase from both the United Kingdom and Ireland companies.
Established in 2008, RIGEL Life Sciences offers highly competitive solutions, whilst meeting and surpassing requirements of client engineering and GMP compliance teams within the Life Science Industries...
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CLiMET CI-x55 and CI-X56 Wireless Series

CLiMET CI-x55 and CI-X56 Wireless Series OptiCal Sciences Limited is now pleased to offer the new and exciting CLiMET CI-x55 and CI-x56 Wireless series of Portable Particle Counters.

Allowing real time automatic wireless uploads of sample data to a pre-designated network directory!...
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Clean Environments Clean Tent

Clean Environments Clean Tent Clean Environments have been busily developing a range of rapid-assembly, HEPA filtered clean environments at a low cost and on-demand.

It is due to this that we are now very pleased to introduce Clean Environments' Clean Tent; the worlds most portable cleanroom.

The Clean Tent is an affordable, innovative design concept in cleanroom technology, intended for users that require temporary cleanroom facilities, a disaster recovery plan, clean storage, training facilities or portability. The Clean Tent also has a gowning room.

This product is designed, assembled and certified by the Clean Environments team of specialists in the North West of England. It is manufactured under license.

The Clean Tent is extremely easy to install and works to ISO 5 / Class 100. It is also complimented by furniture and component lines.

It is also available in 3 models: CT 1700 (6 person work cabin), CT750 (2-4 person work cabin) and CT675 (2 person work cabin).

Clean Tent works on the economic principle of clean conditions at the workstation area (i.e. point-of-use) utilising horizontal cross air flow, as in a conventional cleanroom but also using the positive pressure generated to keep the tent inflated. Air enters the work cabin through the filter at workstation level and travels in a laminar flow across the workstation envelope. At the fringes of the envelope, positively pressurised air diverges uniformly toward the zipper in the skirt thus preventing back eddies returning contamination to the envelope. At the end of the laminar flow stream, air is sent through to the gowning chamber and exhausted to ambient or collected via exhaust vents and redirected to be returned under pressure to re charge the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting). By this method high quality air is delivered to the workstation area (i.e. where it is required) without the need for 100% wall / ceiling filtering.

Clean Tent utilises modern advances in textile technology which have enabled synthetics to supersede solid based composites in both performance and technology resulting in a light weight, low particulate portable work cabin that can produce a high quality clean environment for the user at a very affordable price.

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Kanomax TABmaster Models 6710 and 6715

Kanomax TABmaster Models 6710 and 6715 Following the acquisition of our new Kanomax Wind Tunnel, we are now able to offer traceable calibrations on the Hot Wire Anemometers with flow rates from 0.2m/sec up to 50m/sec.

We are currently offering the calibration of Kanomax Hot Wire Anemometer models:

6501 series with any of the following probes:
6531-2G, 6541-2G, 6561-2G, 6542-2G, 6533-2G, 6543-2G, 6551-2G and 6552-2G

6006, 6035 & 6036 series.

Do you have a different make or model of Hot Wire Anemometer? No problem! Please click HERE.
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ISO 9001:2008 Certification

We are currently certificated to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 by Intertek Group PLC, who are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). UKAS, as an accreditation body, work with other similar bodies around the world to ensure that the standard of auditing is uniform and adequate. Some certification bodies do not have this accreditation and therefore the standard of their auditing has not been independently verified. For further details please see the web page linked here: http://www.ukas.com/about-accreditation/default.asp

Please click here to view a copy of our ISO 9001:2008 Certificate