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When to Use Sample Probes

When to Use Sample ProbesIt has been called the 'horn', the 'megaphone', the 'funnel', and even
the 'big sucky thing'. Occasionally it is called a sample probe.
Officially, it is an isokinetic sample probe.

Isokinetic means that in a laminar flow area, the air flows in and around the probe without creating any turbulence.

understand why this is important, we need to understand a fundamental
difference between micro and macro particles. While 5 µm particles may
seem infinitely small when we consider that our hair is 70 µm to 100 µm
in diameter, 5 µm particles exhibit surprising inertia compared to
submicron particles. If one were to sample without a sample probe, 5 µm
and larger particles would have to be very close to the inlet before
they would be pulled over to the inlet. However, the inlet would be
surrounded by turbulence, and the turbulent air would repel particles
that were being pulled over to the inlet. So, without an isokinetic
sample probe, we lose 5 µm particles that should be counted, whether we
are sampling in laminar flow or turbulent flow...
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CLiMET User Authenticator for CI-x5x Series Particle Counters

CLiMET User Authenticator for CI-x5x Series Particle Counters

The FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 defines the requirements for
electronic records to be considered reliable in a regulated industry.

The majority of CLiMET users are in regulated industries which
include pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device manufacturers and
biotech companies. In order for electronic records to be considered
reliable, the company must implement controls to insure that only
authorized users can have access to the data and that the data cannot be
altered. IT departments in regulated industries utilize strong security
policies, such as password aging, strong passwords, prevention of
duplicate users, control of file access, and control of program access.
Administrators can quickly add and remove users and change permissions.
Users can change their password once and it is good for any device on
the network that they are authorized to use. If only the particle
counters could have the same user authentication policies as the
network! Now there is a way...

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NextGen Series™ Portable Particle Counter

NextGen Series™ Portable Particle Counter

Introducing the smallest and lightest Industrial and Pharmaceutical Grade Particle Counter with
stainless steel enclosure, 6 Channels, a built-in printer, PDF Reports,
and the most advanced technology - ensuring the highest level of
accuracy and repeatability of measurement. Drop and vibration tested for industrial use...

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Trident Series™ Particle Counter

Trident Series™ Particle CounterClimet Instruments Company, a Division of Venturedyne Ltd, the leading
manufacturer of high quality cleanroom particle counters and microbial
samplers, recently announced the introduction of a new Trident Series™ of remote sensor particle counters used for continuous monitoring in biopharmaceutical critical clean areas...
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Climet CI-500 Particle Counters

Climet CI-500 Particle CountersThe
lens manufacturer has ceased production of the lenses required to
replace laser diodes in Climet CI-500 Particle Counters. We have since
been informed that the stock of these lenses has now been depleted, and
as such, they can no longer be obtained.

are now unable to replace failing laser diodes in Climet CI-500-A,
CI-500-B, CI-500-EC, CI-500-DD and CI-500-EX (Multiport) Particle

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NEW! RIGEL Aerosol Photometers & Generators

NEW! RIGEL Aerosol Photometers & GeneratorsIt
is with great pleasure that OptiCal Sciences Limited proudly presents
new RIGEL RI7001 Aerosol Photometers, RI8301 Thermal Aerosol Generators
& RI8303 Laskin-Nozzle Aerosol Generators; available to purchase
from both the United Kingdom and Ireland companies.
Established in
2008, RIGEL Life Sciences offers highly competitive solutions, whilst
meeting and surpassing requirements of client engineering and GMP
compliance teams within the Life Science Industries...
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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

We are currently certificated to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 by Intertek Group PLC, who are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). UKAS, as an accreditation body, work with other similar bodies around the world to ensure that the standard of auditing is uniform and adequate. Some certification bodies do not have this accreditation and therefore the standard of their auditing has not been independently verified. For further details please see the web page linked here: http://www.ukas.com/about-accreditation/default.asp

Please click here to view a copy of the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate for the United Kingdom
Please click here to view a copy of the ISO 9001:2015 Certificate for Ireland