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Climet CI-500 Particle Counters

Climet CI-500 Particle CountersThe lens manufacturer has ceased production of the lenses required to replace laser diodes in Climet CI-500 Particle Counters. We have since been informed that the stock of these lenses has now been depleted, and as such, they can no longer be obtained.

We are now unable to replace failing laser diodes in Climet CI-500-A, CI-500-B, CI-500-EC, CI-500-DD and CI-500-EX (Multiport) Particle Counters.

The Climet CI-500 Particle Counter was first introduced in 1993. It was originally designed to comply with the Japanese Industrial Standard, JIS 9921, which defined count efficiency, which was then replaced by the ISO 21501-4 standard.

Dating from at least as far back as 1996, Climet CI-500 Particle Counters have successfully passed count efficiency and resolution testing; whilst alternative manufacturers were forced to design new sensors to meet the ISO 21501-4 standard.

Climet estimates that 90% of their new instruments they manufacture have a Life Cycle of 10+ years in the field.

In 2006, Climet CI-500 Particle Counters were discontinued, though there is still a substantial number of Climet CI-500 Particle Counters in service today.

The Climet CI-500 Particle Counter has been both well received and a reliable instrument, though now that these lenses have been added to its growing list of obsolete parts, we would advise customers to consider the available options; potentially replacing any CI-500 units, to avoid running the risk of failure without readily available replacements.

The impact of this is greater for those customers using the CI-500EX multiport version on their automated particle monitoring systems.

Climet quality is truly evident when it comes to longevity, accuracy and reliability.

In comparison with alternative brands, the cost of ownership for Climet Particle Counters is significantly low. Climet laser/sensor optics are uniquely aligned and locked in during manufacture to mitigate interval calibration out-of-tolerance conditions.

A two-year survey of units sent to the manufacturer for calibration showed an in-tolerance rate of 98%. Most other manufacturers use set screws to make periodic adjustments to laser/sensor optics, which is a major cause for interim calibration out-of-tolerance failure; resulting in deviation reports, investigations and out-of-tolerance costs.

OptiCal Sciences Limited is committed to the provision of quality products and instrumentation, exceptional service and guidance in their use and excellence in technical support, in a way that is cost effective in the long term for our customers.

Should you wish to hire or purchase a replacement Climet instrument, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Sales Team, who will be happy to assist you.
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